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2018 Kaku Voodoo

Kaku’s Voodoo Child has Arrived. New for 2018, the Kaku Voodoo is the ultimate sight casting paddle craft. This Authentic Fishing Paddle Craft has a unique look and performance . Part Kayak, part paddle board, with some micro skiff qualities. The Kaku Voodoo is like a personal Deck Yak. Incredible Stability while maintaining good paddling efficiency . The performance of this paddle craft is lifted to an even higher level with the included Voodoo Chair unlike anything on the market today. The Voodoo chair has a beefy aluminum structure, perfect amount of cushion, and off-the-charts utility, giving the paddler a high and low seating postion, leaning chair, as well as a standing platform, without having to adjust anything. Mounted securely on 30 inch aluminum tracks allowing for trimming as necessary. Top all this off with great storage, and 5 Micro Powerpole mounts allowing for multiple or single Powerpoles while also offering motor mounting . Checkout the Voodoo’s higher-level capabilities today!




The Voodoo measures 13′ in length, which offers a ton of walking around room.



The Voodoo spans 35″ wide, offering plenty of width for excellent stability during fishing and other activities.



Weighing only 77 lbs, the Voodoo travels well and is easily anchored using the Micro Powerpole Anchor.


The Voodoo has a capacity of 450lbs. Plenty big enough for you, drinks, and a MONSTER Red!

I literally feel like this Voodoo was designed for me, that's how killer this thing is.

Chris Sugg, via Facebook

I can honestly say the best new design that will change the way you think about SUP fishing.

Jamie Hooks, via Facebook

You guys have to see the Voodoo in person, pictures just don't do it justice. I saw one today and it is badass. I will be adding it to my arsenal.

Erik Pettersen, via Facebook

Authentic Sportfishing Design.

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