Stable, Efficient Paddling In A Compact Design.

2018 Kaku Wahoo 10.5

We shaved 2ft and almost 10 lbs off the Wahoo and created the baddest little yak on the water, the 2018 Kaku Wahoo 10.5. We wanted to create a more compact fishing kayak without compromising on features from it’s big brother, the Wahoo 12.5′. So, we flattened the rocker to make sure it was easy to stand on, lowered the keel to maintain good tracking, and added a sick deck pad. This easy-to-handle quick little yak has all the features of the Wahoo 12.5, minus a little storage.




The 10.5′ length of the Kaku Wahoo provides a stable, compact feel.



The Kaku Wahoo spans 33″ wide, great for fishing or for use as a SUP.



The new 2018 Kaku Wahoo 10.5′ weighs in at only 66 lbs.


The 2018 Kaku Wahoo 10.5′ has a capacity of 375 lbs.

Love my Wahoo. Customer service is fantastic, and will be looking to get my daughter the 10' version as soon as she gets a little bigger (only 6 right now).

David Dwyer, via Facebook

Love my Kaku Wahoo. It moves through the water with ease even on a windy day. I contacted them and the customer service is great. I cannot say enough about Kaku and I recommend them to anyone that wants a kayak.

Jimmy Jones, via Facebook

This is such an awesome Kayak, so smooth through the water. Also I have nerve damage going down my right side and I don't even have a problem standing up in it.

Rodney Anthony, via Facebook

Stable, Efficient Paddling
In A Compact Design.

Stable, Efficient Paddling
In A Compact Design.

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