Kaku Kayak sun shield, multi function bandana – Cancer Awareness

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One day we noticed Team Kaku out on the water in a fishing tournament wearing some old bandanas around their faces. The sun on their face and the saltwater spray would occasionally chap their faces or give them sunburn, so they opted to wear fitted bandanas. At that moment, a great concept occurred! So… we would like to introduce to you the Kaku Bandana.

Our bandanas can be worn around the neck and face, around the head, or any other number of ways that keep you in style while protecting you on what could be the most relaxing or most competitive day of your life.

Our Breast Cancer Awareness version was created as our tribute to those who have suffered with breast cancer. We don’t have the cure, but we certainly do offer the support of those who have loved and lost in this battle. Keep up the fight!


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